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The Relationship of Strategies and Tactics in Backgammon

Our initial impression on any board game that involves the use of dice is one that leans heavily on a player's luck. That is quite understandable seeing that today there are more board games that hang more on a player's luck. But backgammon has more to offer for players other than winning the game by pure sheer luck.

Backgammon will involve a lot more strategy than luck with your rolls. You can compare backgammon with other familiar strategy board games like checkers or perhaps even chess. Of course the obvious unique quality of backgammon, when compared to the two board games will eventually lead us back to the dice.

There are fundamental strategies that backgammon players use. These fundamental strategies are basically founded on the tactics that are allowed in the game. A common tactic used in backgammon is hitting opposing checkers, blots specifically. Effectively hitting blots slows your opponent down and gives you more freedom during a game. The Blitz, one fundamental backgammon strategy, takes on the idea of effectively hitting blots.

Another tactic used in backgammon is make points on the board. These points serve as obstacles to the progress of your opponent's checkers. They work as obstacles, threats to your opponent's blots, and safe havens for your escaping backgammon checkers. Several strategies used in backgammon make full use of making points on the backgammon board.

The priming game in particular takes the idea of making points and expands it into lining up several points making a wall or barricade. It is one strategy that is quite committal since it will require a lot of your men to make a prime. Players who are able to form six-point primes easily become the favorite to win a game of backgammon.

Related to this said tactic is closing out your opponent's home board. This is like making a prime on your own home board. Any opposing checker that remains stuck on the bar when you close out your home board will likely stay stuck on the bar.

Back games and holding games will put to use the same tactic of making points. These two fundamental strategies utilize points made on the board to secure an advantage or to catch up to your opponent's lead. The notable difference between these two strategies is the position of the position of the blocking points or anchors.

One tactic that beginners will eventually figure out is running your backgammon checkers to safety. And eventually beginners will figure out the running game as a fundamental backgammon strategy. The strategies used in backgammon are based on the said tactics. Backgammon players can mix up tactics and apply different strategies in this game.