Opening Strategies in Backgammon

There are basically three options for you in the opening of a backgammon game. The first one is to build or make points, next is to slot points in hoping to make a point later, and third is to escape your back men. These will be the basis of your backgammon strategy for the opening phase of every game you play. We'll go over each of these since you will definitely be playing the opening roll one time or another.

There are opening rolls that will enable you to make points in the opening. These are the best moves you can ever make in the opening. These constitute a robust strategy at the very start of a backgammon game. Another important benefit of this type of opening roll is getting the opportunity to make points on your home board. The value of home board points can never be overestimated in the course of a game.

A 3-1 opening roll makes the 5-point on your home board, 4-2 makes your 4-point, 6-1 builds you a neat prime making the 7-point, and 5-3 gives you the 3-point. These opening rolls should be played so you make points on the backgammon board. The points on your home board that you make makes it harder for your opponent to enter checkers and more points made is a signal for your opponent to play safe while you can still play more daring moves.

Now, you won't always have the chance of making home board points or any points on the backgammon board to be exact. At times the second best thing you can do is to slot points. Slotting means to bring down a checker hoping to make a point in your next turn. Slotting is a very fast way to make points in backgammon. It entails some risk of getting your blot hit but the rewards are as good as the risk.

Opening rolls like 6-3, 6-2, 5-1, 4-1, 2-1, 5-4, 5-2, 4-3, and 3-2 usually brings a man from the mid-point and splits your back checkers. The risk you take is calculated so that even if you have checkers hit you can easily recover since it is just the early stages of the game.

One last bit of backgammon strategy you can do in the opening of a backgammon game is to escape your back men. The opening moves 6-5 and 6-4 works best for this strategy. If you are able to escape one back checker you are one step ahead of your opponent. Running back checkers, making points, and slotting are opening strategies you can never live without in backgammon.