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Backgammon Tactics and the Stages of the Game

Part of the drama involved in a backgammon board is the intermingling of players' luck with players' skill. That having been said, it is important to understand that a bigger part of the events in backgammon is influenced more by skill and less by luck. If you want to be a great backgammon player you should learn tactics and backgammon strategy.

Since backgammon is like other strategy games with certain phases in the game play we'll go over certain tactics that apply to each stage. There may not always be an exact clear distinction between each individual stage but knowing which tactic applies to which stage helps a lot especially when you aim to succeed in backgammon tournaments.

First couple of rolls made in a game of backgammon fits squarely into the early game. Backgammon is fast-paced so the early game just goes by in a few rolls. It is really easy to make mistakes in this stage of the game so a single mistake can very well be like handing the rest of a game in a platter. Luckily the tactics for the early game are pretty much fixed, which means you'll just have to follow established tactics to get by in the opening.

The two most important tactics you should learn in the early game are the opening moves and the replies to the opening moves. These two backgammon subjects have been carefully studied and all you need to do is abide by the established pattern. Experience and statistics show that backgammon players who deviate from the recommended moves will most likely be at a disadvantage as the game progresses.

After the opening or early game comes the mid-game in backgammon. This is the stage where you and your opponent have most likely been hitting blots, entering checkers, building points and the rest of the action you would expect to happen on a backgammon board. This is where strategies like the priming game, holding game, and back game come in.

The end game will most likely involve a race, which occurs after no further contact is possible. The race is where a player's luck will sometimes take its toll. Notwithstanding this, players can still apply tactics and backgammon strategy to the race, which includes avoiding wastage. You can read more about the backgammon race in our running game strategy page.

One tactic that can be used in any stage of the game will have to be the use of the doubling cube. Once you think that you have a clear advantage over your opponent you can have some cube action. You can offer to double at any stage as long as you reckon an advantage you can capitalize on. Just remember to use the tactics and strategy for each specific stage of the game.