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Attacking and Defending Using a Full Prime

A prime in backgammon is a series of blocking points that you lay side in a row to serve as a barrier trapping your opponent's checkers. A full prime is a prime that is exactly six points in length and is the most menacing weapon used in backgammon. This is the most formidable backgammon strategy when it is executed correctly.

Let's begin with attacking with your full prime in backgammon. Attacking your opponent's checkers using a full prime can sometimes be quite a crawl. Though at times it can be slow, moving your prime forward is not really that hard since you already have your opponent's checkers trapped. The first step is to bring in the rest of your checkers closer to your full prime.

Your opponent might try to block or hit your other checkers but at this point these just turn into futile attempts since if they do get hit you can still enter them or if they get blocked your opponent will still be forced to break the block sooner or later. You should have been moving your back checkers at this point in the game.

Once you have builders or extra checkers on the prime you can commence attacking your opponent's checkers stuck behind your prime. You also have the option to move more checkers into position if an attack is not yet in order. The idea is to safely transport your other checkers passed any possible contact with your opponent's checkers.

You can move your prime forward by rolling things forward. You take checkers from the very end of your prime or extra checkers and make points on your home board. Your prime should be moving steadily forward though its movement will be a bit slow. Once you have all your checkers on the prime your opponent can do very little to retaliate.

Defending against a full prime can be very hard for any player since it is a pretty strong backgammon strategy. One strategy you can go for in this situation is to play a back game. You should focus on positioning your anchors and making more points on your home board. You want to be ready to hit a blot and contain it when the opportunity arises.

As with other priming games, your anchors should be positioned right on the edge of your opponent's full prime. Never leave a blot in front of a full prime, which really just invites more trouble and further worsens your predicament. You might like to read up on back games and figure out that strategy. Defending against a full prime will be quite a challenge but it is fun to pull off on your opponent.