Rationale of Strategies Used in Backgammon

List of Sections of Interest:

General Concepts - Summary of fundamental strategies in the Game - The Relationship of Strategies and Tactics in Backgammon

Applicable Strategies for Each Game Phase - Backgammon Tactics and the Stages of the Game - Opening Strategies in Backgammon - Early Game Strategies When Replying to Opening Moves - Bear Off Strategies and Tactics in Backgammon

Fundamental Strategies - Early Game Strategy - The Blitz - The Running Game and the Pip Count - Priming Games: Defense and Offense - Attacking and Defending Using a Full Prime - Introduction to the holding game - The Play of the Anchors in the Holding Game - Introduction to the Back Game - Evaluating Timing and Anchor Positions in a Back Game

Strategy Related Concepts - Diversification and Flexibility in Backgammon - Understanding Duplication in Backgammon - Backgammon Doubling Strategies

Those who look at backgammon as more than a hobby will sincerely develop a passion for the game. They will not be merely interested in just playing the game occasionally but will dwell on other aspects of backgammon as well.

One interesting aspect of backgammon is strategy and how could it be used to win more games. Backgammon strategy can never be understood in one sitting. Understanding the intricacies of the different strategies used in backgammon will take from a few months to years of study. The list we have above is a mere simple outline of the strategies that can be found. Of course, a more extensive and exhaustive list of topics of interest can be made from what we have made.

A good starting point for anyone interested in backgammon strategy will be fundamental game plans. Beginners should grasp the essential concepts concerning the holding game, back game, priming game and the rest of the fundamental strategies. Again it takes more than one sitting to fully comprehend all of them.

We also advise those who are particularly interested in the tactics and strategy used in backgammon to learn what they can in one sitting and then use it the next time they play the game. It will take several games to really put each strategy into practice.

It is interesting to note that after going over our pages on these strategies that the quest for learning them and eventual mastery of backgammon will not be fulfilled here. Those who have a passion for the game will continue to scour other pages of information and play hundreds of hours practicing whatever new concepts they learned. The true backgammon enthusiast will go over each of the topics in our list and still read more and play more and enjoy the game even more.